Přečtěte si nejnovější rozhovor s Mutyou o jejích nehtech, malé Tah, Sugababes, Celebrity Big brother....

Little Boots - Overload (Sugababes cover)

Sugababes NOT splitting up despite the rumours - and are off to the States instead. Sugababes fans can sleep easy... because they are NOT splitting up.Despite all the rumours, Britain's biggest-selling girlband are planning an onslaught on America next month.They'll record their new album there and, if that's not enough, they have the X Factor, Dutch-style. They've bagged a regular slot on Holland's version of Simon Cowell's hit show - as mentors to the girls.They flew to Amsterdam last Friday for their first stint, and will be heading back there regularly.
A spokesman said: "It's complete rubbish that the Sugababes are splitting up. Things are going great - they have a jampacked diary for 2009."
But Keisha Buchanan, Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah are used to unfounded split rumours. Original member Siobhan Donaghy hung up her mic in 2001 blaming in-fighting, and Mutya Buena went solo in 2005.
An insider said: "They are feisty but they are here to stay. They are excited about their new album with lots of new collaborations ." So are we!


Sugababes v sobotu 7. března vystoupily v Sea Wicku. Užijte si video úvodního songu ´Ugly´.

V novinách se objevují následujcí (snad) spekulace o konci skupiny Sugababes:

"A SPOONFUL of the sweet stuff may have helped the medicine go down for that Poppins lady — but it’s not helped me.For it’s my sad, sad, duty to report (with a wobbly bottom lip) that the SUGABABES are no more.The sweetest things to ever happen to pop are hanging up their sparkly mics for good.
Apparently it’s because their last album, Catfights And Spotlights, only sold around 100,000 copies. The girls, KEISHA BUCHANAN (inset), HEIDI RANGE and AMELLE BERRABAH, have notched up 16 Top Tens, over five million albums and seven Brit Award noms.
A Suga source told me: “They haven’t ruled out getting back together in a year but they’re officially on an indefinite extended break.”
But, wait for it . . . They want to say goodbye to their loyal fans with a farewell tour.”"

Ale my můžeme opravdu doufat, že to jsou jen hlouposti, jsou to přece jenom Sugababes a ty se nezvdávají! Takže věřme jinému článku z "contactmusic.com", že jde jen o pauzu:

British girlband the SUGABABES are taking a break from music after their last album flopped, according to reports.
The trio formed in 1998 and underwent two line-up changes in the following years, before the current combination of original member Keisha Buchanan, Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah. But now they are set to step away from the industry after their latest album, Catfights And Spotlights, only sold around 100,000 copies.
A source tells British newspaper News of the World, “They haven’t ruled out getting back together in a year but they’re officially on an indefinite extended break.
"They want to say goodbye to their loyal fans with a farewell tour.”

V GALERII se můžete pokochat novými fotkami.

Vypadá to, že Mutya s piercingy jen tak nepřestane :) tentokrát si pořídila tzv. "povrchový piercing", který je v mnoha případech tělem odmítáno, tak uvidíme zda bude mít Mutya štěstí. Za fotku vděčíme Kalovi.

Sugababes se v současné době připravují na natáčení nového alba. Po té co si jejich poslední deska "C&S" nevedla moc dobře, chtějí zaútočit opět něčím originálním - například spoluprací s Timbalandem.

Bohužel všechno okolo naší Siobhan se vyvynulo špatně, aspoň brálo sobecky z mého obdivu k této osobnosti a k až nadpozemsky dokonalých skladeb. Bohužel dnešní konzumní společnost nedokázala ocenit anijedno z toho a dokonalá deska GHOSTS propadla a nahrávací společnost skončila se Siobhan. Přečtěte si vzakz přímo od Siobhan:

Message to you and the fans

I'm sorry that this is the first thing anyone has heard from me in a while. I've been on the forum and the general consensus seems to be that I'm feeling down, but I'm feeling good. I'm feeling in control.

I think it would be an impossibilty for me never to make a record again. I just couldn't do that, but to say to the fans that I am actively working on a new album when I am not would be unfair.

One thing everyone has to realize is that being an underground leftfield artist used to pay the bills but in this age of the music industry, it is impossible. I'm not a kid anymore. I'm looking over the next few years to getting a house and having a family of my own. I need to pay the bills. It feels totally literating not to be beating down a record company door which another amazing album that they just yawn at. I get the feeling that we wouldn't have had the great music from the past if record company folk were such lazy idiots as they are so clearly now!

It's also an age for big brother, x factor, dancing on ice. You get my drift! I'm fighting a losing battle. People want scandal and addiction. They want a record thrown together in 2 weeks by 12 writers! I feel I need this to blow over. To see what the industry does next as ultimately the artists hold the power and good music will win through. The last thing I want to do now is write my best work for it to go underground!

I hope you understand and can go some way to explaining to the fans that i'm doing my best with bad situation and also that they ARE and have been the BEST part of my experience. Also, I'm not and never could be a celebrity. I'm just a regular girl finding my way and making mistakes.

I'm writing with some of my old crew on their projects just for fun at the moment.

Most importantly, as soon as I figure out what the next album is... I will make it. Ghosts took me 3 years to figure out the direction!

Sending lots and lots of love

Siobhan x

Snad se ale dočkáme alespoň společného singlu se Square 1 - Styfling. Doufejme, že stále platí co uvedla skupina v jednom z rozhovorů:
Can you please tell us your plans for 2009?

SQUARE 1 is planning on releasing the “Styfling” EP with all the remixes sometimes in May/June and probably have most of the album ready by the end of the year. We only have very rough guidelines of what’s next in the pipeline at the moment as its all about the hard work right now.. but im sure you’ll hear from us very soon x.